aaajiao: ‘Cybernetics’ exhibition catalog

About Placebo - Xu Wenkai Solo Exhibition
Placebo is a new series by Xu Wenkai, which consists of BDSQ, HAL, Text Format and Poor Mining. Together shown with this series are works from a different series, titled Cybernetics, made by the artist in 2009 and 2010. These works form a small documents, aiming at systematic and thorough examining the way of thinking, art making, expressing and presenting of this young and active media artist, so as to manifest his capability.

In Cybernetics series, the artist tries to reconsider data, the object of information technology inquiry, and comes up with an interesting and witty presentation on data’s existence, form, and perceptibility with Cloud Data, Water Measure and Blog Archaeology. In the latest Placebo series, artist turns to the stream of data flow, which engenders new structures, as well as the visual inertia and placebo effect.

Therefore this exhibition seems to be made up of a biography and a prequel of this biography. Such structure facilitates our understanding of artist’s distinct trait: on one hand, unique artwork construction methods, and on the other hand, the artistic conversion of artist’s know-how and thoughts in certain fields.