aaajiao solo exhibition: cybernetics
size height 70cm1 height 65cm 2 height 60cm 2 height 55cm 2 height 50cm 1 height 45cm 1 height 40cm 1 height 35cm 1 height 30cm 1
18.4*14.7 cm
materials cement, acrylic, screen
Computer Generated Moving Image installation
algorithm generated cloud

technical support : shen jiujiu
computer graphics, video editing : aaajiao, liu xiaoguang

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Again using computer algorithms to recreate natural processes, aaajiao created a series of clouds floating on LCD screens. The portability of the medium (liquid crystal display being the new scroll painting, as it were) is negated by either fastening the screens to suspended girders, or placing them on concrete plinths. These pieces simultaneously engage the massive construction projects going on across China (and with that, the wanton destruction of traditional neighborhoods) and the peaceful contemplation seen in traditional Chinese painting and writing. They also represent the exciting modes of cultural transmission in the contemporary world. At once, these pieces evoke Alfred Stieglitz’s Equivalents and sculptural Minimalism. Liam Gillick, in describing the work of Donald Judd, puts it nicely. “You are not supposed to fixate on the structures in isolation or to over rationalise them within the late modernist tendency towards reduction. The work functions best when it is allowed to hover between its connection to its given location and the rest of the relative experience we bring to the room.”